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Key Points on Selecting An Effective U.V Lighted Insects Trap
Key Points on Selecting An Effective U.V Lighted Insects Trap

1¡¢Tube: Choose the big brand, high quality black light tube With special frequency and stable insects catching effects

2¡¢Choose electronic ballast with low failure rate, long lasting life, and power surge protection

3¡¢Non-toxic, long time stickiness and insects sensitive color pattern background

4¡¢U Shape Glue Board Tray makes the same distance from the light frequency to each point of glue board, that will enhance the trapping effect

Lifespan of the efficiency
Lifespan of the efficiency

The lifespan of insects lamps£ºIt means the efficiency of the light frequency, not if it will be lighting. This is the big difference between the special function of insects lamps and other type of lamps.

After lifespan expired, the attracting function from the insects lamps weakened rapidly. Even if the insects lamp is still lighting on, the special trapping function becomes very weak or nearly ineffective. When the light frequency goes down, the attracting function will disappear with the attenuation of the light frequency.

Situation Analysis
Situation Analysis

A. Normal fluorescent tubes without special frequency (or ordinary tubes with artificial color imitation), they attract insects only by the gathering habit of light and they cannot achieve the exact insects trapping functions (similar to the normal garden fluorescent lamp)

B. With a certain range of light frequency, but it is not the most attractive wavelength and the stability of the frequency is poor or it attenuate very fast in a short time, it will be similar to the normal fluorescent lamp after the attenuation of light frequency turns exhausted

C. The light frequency is relatively stable, but the wavelength is not the most effective.

D. Choose big brand insect lamps with the most effective light frequency, such as Sylvania lamps and Ushio lamps with powerful insects attracting effect.

Remember: Insects lamp is a functional product, attractive light frequency is the must to achieve better effect. Choosing high-quality tubes from bigger brands will guarantee you the better insects control effect£º
Advantages on choosing FLYCATCHER U.V Lighted lamps
Advantages on choosing FLYCATCHER U.V Lighted lamps


All FLYCATCHER insects lamps use fully imported, best quality black light tubes with attractive frequency, which will bring you a powerful insects trapping result£»

2¡¢Ballast£ºAll FLYCATCHER UV Lighted lamps use electronical ballast, stable, eco-saving and long lasting life with power surge,
- it can be used for DC voltage environment through power supply inverter mode
-All FLYCATCHER ballasts with added voltage protection, when there is occasionally voltage instability from the working environment, it will power off, you can restart it after the normal power come back,  our lamps will continue to work normally

3¡¢Glue board£º

All glue boards from FLYCATCHER insects¡¯ lamps are made with anti-UV formula, high quality and long time keeping stickness, it will not be dry after 2 or 3 months using, which can reduce the replacement workload(We recommend you replace the Glue board once a week when the environment are with high density of flying insects)


All FLYCATCHER flying insects lamps use U-shape glue board tray and large coverage of aluminum alloy design, which makes the flying insects control easier in almost everywhere you need, durable and high efficient