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Elegant  518

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Elegant 518 adopts oriental culture wall sconce design, uses Ushio brand black light tube with stable band and strong trapping effect, combined with FLYCATCHER brand special formula glue board, makes the insect control process non-toxic, environmentally friendly and effective. It is an excellent choice for hotels, restaurants, clubs, high-end homes and other places where you need a decorative flying insects control product. Available in three finishes, clear wood, dark wood or black.


Product Model£ºILT 518

Product Colors£ºBlack / Dark Wood / Clear Wood

Sale Price:368 RMB/pc  (Invoice included-3%)

Output Power£º8W (1X8W)


Coverage: 40 Square meters

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Flycatcher U.V Lighted Flying Insects control unit meets criterias of FDA, USDA, HACCP, GMP and AIB standard.

Please be sure your product with the following FLYCATCHER logo

Original Tube Brand&Model£º

Identify black light tubes: Putting a white paper behind a lighted tube, it shows the cold blue or blue-violet color on it.

FLYCATCHER Brand Glue Board

FLYCATCHER Ballast: low failure rate, long life, with voltage protection function.

In order to gurantee the effectiveness and lifespan of your products, please contact us directly or our authorized dealers to purchaseoriginal ballast.

Glue Board Replacement: Easy to Use

Elegant 518 shell is made from high-quality ABS material with great toughness and long lasting life

Model : ILT518

Output Power£º8W

UV Tube£ºUshio F5 T8 BL
Coverage£º40 Square Meters



Glue Board Set£º13pcs

Operating Voltage£º220V 50Hz

Working Current£º0.06Amps

Working Environment£ºIndoor U.V Lighted Glue Trap

Shell Materials£ºABS material

Warranty£º2 Years LimitedWarranty

Hotels, restaurants, clubs, high-end homes and other places where you need a decorative flying insects control product